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Things to Consider Before Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2015 | Estate Planning

Many families who seek the help of a Columbia County and Montour County Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer do so having never worked with an attorney before. As a result, they often feel uncertain about where to begin looking or how to choose the lawyer who will be right for them and their estate planning needs.

If you’re one of these Pennsylvania residents, you’re not alone. Here are several tips for choosing an estate planning lawyer who can help secure your future and ensure that your estate is preserved for the benefit of those you love:

  1. Seek advice and information, but make your own final decision. Trusted friends and colleagues may be able to recommend an estate planning attorney they trust. The Internet, including attorney web sites, can also be a source of information. However, remember that the final decision must be yours: no matter how much a friend loves their lawyer or an Internet commenter hates a particular firm, you need an attorney whom you feel that you can trust.
  2. Seek an educational phone call or meeting. Use an initial phone call or meeting to learn more about a particular attorney or firm and the services they offer. Come prepared with a concise explanation of your needs and one or two specific questions you have about the process. Most experienced attorneys will give you a specific “action plan” for moving forward with their firm. You can use these plans to decide what you’ll do next.
  3. Understand the costs involved. Don’t forget to ask about fees, costs, and payment structures. You should have a clear idea of when payments will be due and a “ballpark” total that fits within your budget.

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