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Preserving Your Future with a Life Care Plan

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2017 | Estate Planning

A life care plan is a comprehensive plan that helps families understand how to best care for a loved one in the event of illness or old age. Life care plans are often crafted by older individuals with the aid of elder law professionals, and they outline what steps caretakers should take if the older individuals are incapacitated in any manner. The ultimate goal of a life care plan is to make the wishes of a senior citizen known, and detail the way they should be carried out. Life care plans can cover everything—from finances to power of attorney.

What Does a Life Care Plan Do?

By drafting a legitimate elder care plan, an older individual can ensure proper care in later years. Traditionally, a life care plan can address the following aspects of a senior citizen’s life:

  • Asset preservation
  • Estate planning
  • Public benefits (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Disability, etc.)
  • Financial decision making
  • Care advocacy
  • Medical treatment

These plans are especially helpful in regards to finances. Many seniors will require specialized long-term healthcare, which can be remarkably expensive. A well-drafted financial plan can help the senior and his or her family members afford this care later on.

Why Do You Need a Life Care Plan?

As we age, the difficulties associated with aging can become apparent. Many illnesses, injuries, and disorders can take a toll on mental health, and make it nearly impossible to make rational decisions. To prevent confusion and ensure that an individual receives the care that he or she needs, many choose to make a life care plan.

These plans will not only focus on potential problems, but on solutions as well. If you are unable to make decisions for any reason, you can appoint a trusted loved one to do so on your behalf. Your plan can also ensure that you are still able to financially provide for your family in the event of your illness, injury, or death.

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