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How Do I Choose the Right Elder Housing Option?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Elder Law

While choosing the best home for your loved one can feel difficult, thankfully, there are more options than ever before. Ultimately, the right choice will come down to two things: the needs of your elderly loved one, and the locations in your area.

Researching is vital. Once you know what your needs are, then you can look at different personal care homes around Pennsylvania and learn as much about them as possible.

What Level of Care Does My Loved One Need?

Figuring out the level of care your loved ones need is really the first step in choosing the right housing option for them. If they are still pretty active, then something like an age-restricted community or “active adult” community might be the right choice. These are houses and townhomes that are intended for older occupants and often have amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts.

Senior apartments can also be a great choice for people who do not need much care. These are apartment complexes meant for elderly residents. They are designed to be accessible for just about anyone, often include transportation services, and some are built for low-income elders. Discuss these options with your loved ones and talk about the benefits these communities offer.

If you need some amount of care for your loved ones, then a personal care home may be the right choice. Here, residents can receive personal care for things like bathing, dressing, and managing medication. Meals, activities, and transportation are usually offered at these types of homes, but they are not meant for people who need constant care. Nursing homes are typically a better choice if your loved ones need more care and attention than what is offered by personal care homes.

What Facility Would Be Best?

Once you know the kind of facility or community you are looking for, then do some research into the options in your area. You want to find out what is available, and look for reviews or posts online from residents and family members. Make sure to look for complaints or any possible abuse allegations against a personal care or nursing home. Organizations for the elderly often have websites that let you compare facilities, and “family councils” throughout Pennsylvania offer information about different services.

If You Suspect Something Is Wrong, Call Us Today!

If you have chosen a facility for your loved one, and you are worried about his or her condition, then do something about it immediately. If you suspect any kind of abuse, contact local law enforcement right away. Call an elder law lawyer at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC today at (570) 784-5211 to learn about your options, protect your loved ones, and take civil action against the home or community that has wronged them.