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May Is Elder Law Month!

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Elder Law

Thanks to the good people at The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), the month of May is officially elder law month! As the only Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Columbia and Montour Counties, PA, we here at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, look forward to this month because it provides us with an opportunity to reach out to the public about legal options for long-term elder care, healthcare planning, estate planning, and other legal services that elders may need.

Many elders and their families wait till the last minute to seek the help of an attorney, and sometimes that makes life difficult for everyone involved. We want all elders to have the services they need, and plans in place so everyone knows how to handle an eventual bump in the road.

Why You Need an Elder Law Attorney

Preparing for the future and protecting your family’s well-being can seem overwhelming. From maintaining needed medical services or assisted care home residency, to ensuring that your family is provided for after you are gone, there is a lot for any senior to deal with. The professional expertise of a Certified Elder Law Attorney can help you make important decisions about your estate, assets, and long-term goals.

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law is an encompassing term for a wide range of matters that affect the needs of individuals as they grow older. Many older adults highly value their independence and wish to maintain it for as long as they can. We often find ourselves doing more than simply providing answers to legal questions for clients. An experienced elder law attorney, we know how to work with a client’s medical professionals, financial advisors, and family members to confirm that the client’s affairs are handled in the most coherent and productive fashion possible.

CELAs assist seniors and their families with:

  • Asset and Estate Protection
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Counseling, Representation, and Advocacy
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Social Security
  • Veterans’ Benefits
  • Guardianships, Incompetency, and Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Health-Care Necessity Planning
  • Elder Abuse Recognition and Prevention
  • Facilities Placement and Advocacy

You don’t have to be “old” to talk to an attorney at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC! While the need for planning seems less relevant to younger individuals, it’s important to plan ahead. Many adults are caring for their own children while also caring for aging parents. A legal adviser help ensure your affairs are in order. Many caregivers also stand to benefit significantly when their parents have proactively planned for their “senior” needs.

All too often, Americans wait to tackle these issues in times of crisis, rather than planning for an uncertain future. But with our help, seniors and their families in Columbia and Montour can obtain a great quality of life, while preserving family assets for as long as it is feasible.

How We Can Help!

Commemorating Elder Law Month may not be as enjoyable as celebrating Memorial Day or National Hamburger Month (also in May), but taking some time to think about your loved ones’ future could have a positive impact.

Whether you want to set up a life care plan, learn how to care for a parent with dementia, or go over end-of-life issues, the committed team at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, can help make the road ahead secure and straightforward. We have dedicated our lives to helping families face their future knowing their loved ones will be cared for.

Our office is in the heart of Bloomsburg. Give our legal team a call at (570) 784-5211 and we will be glad to speak with you during a comprehensive consultation.