Attorneys for Special Needs Children in Columbia County

Is Your Child:

  • Having academic or behavioral difficulties in school, such as trouble with reading or math, or difficulty in sitting still or concentrating?
  • Physically or mentally disabled?
  • A toddler who is developmentally behind other children?
  • Possibly mentally gifted and in need of a more challenging curriculum?

Know Your Rights

What Educational Rights Does Your Child Have?

You have the right under state and federal law to a free, confidential evaluation from your school district (or, in the case of a pre-schooler, from an early intervention agency) to determine whether your child is eligible for special education services. If the evaluation determines that you child is eligible, your child has the right to special educational services at no cost to you. Such services may include special curricula, therapy, assistive technology or other services, as determined by your child's unique needs. You have the right and are encouraged to participate in all decisions affecting your child's program.

Are You Satisfied with Your Child's Education?

State and federal law provides children who have special needs with certain rights, intended to ensure that they receive and appropriate education. These laws and regulations entitle parents (or other caregivers) to meet with teachers, administrators and other professionals to work out a plan of special education services to encourage the student's progress despite any disability or limitation.

In appropriate cases, school districts and other educational units are required to provide individualized instruction and support services including transportation and other learning aids and services.

Children with disabilities have the right to receive their educational services in a setting with children without disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate.

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