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It was about one year ago that I discovered Kreisher Marshall & Associates during a marathon cold calling session, searching for elder lawyers.

My 88-year-old mother had been living alone but had recently begun to decline. She ended up in the emergency room three times in less than two months. It was obvious that we had to make some changes for her.

I don’t remember who told me I should get an elder lawyer but as I made calls to lawyer after lawyer it wasn’t until I called the KMA office that I knew they were what I needed. The KMA office associate assured me that this was their specialty and offered to make an appointment for later that day. Previously, the responses I received were more inquiries about what I was looking for and them questioning me about what I actually neededI wasn’t even sure myself what help I needed.

At our first meeting Marianne was confident and reassuring, and also directed me to the next steps for my mom and the best use of her available resources for her best care. I had talked to so many people I knew that now I was in the right place to make competent decisions for my mom.

Marianne also directed me to their on-staff social worker, Elaine Spicher, who specializes in dementia care.

In one year, I went from denial about my mom’s condition to being able to gather my family to help sell her home and provide for her next steps to better care.

I am especially thankful to Staci Hornberger who helped with finances and Medicaid approval, and Elaine Spicher who actually made herself available for patient reports and assessments when our family members were unable to be present.

I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs advice and help with their aging parents’ care. I don’t know how I would have handled this difficult time without their expertise.

Joyce & family

I’ve worked with KMA when they were Market Street Abstract. I loved their promptness and attention to detail. They are always on the ball and such a pleasure to work with.

– Dave

Without KMA, the past several years I would have shed more tears than i have. We originally went to KMA to draw up POAs for my parents. Shortly after, my mom was admitted to a NH, we had to sell 2 properties, my father passed and applied for MA for my mom. Marianne and Staci were there for us at every hearing, every appeal fighting for my mom. A simple thank you just doesn’t fully express the gratitude my family has for all they’ve done for us. We love KMA!.

– Mary Beth

Your Real Estate Department rocks!
Paula & Diane are so great to work with.
Thank you so much for inviting us to this great event!!

– R & R Office

We love working with your Estate Department!
Rhonda & Sarah are awesome!!
Thank you so much for inviting us to this wonderful event!!

– R & R office & Prothonotary

Marissa and the whole office staff was such a wonderful help to me when dealing with my mom’s affairs, she could never have done this without all their help, she really appreciated everything they did for me, as she was also dealing with my husband beating cancer at the same time. Thank you all for helping me through everything.

– Francie

Many thanks to Marianne Kreisher and the staff. Elaine has been a godsend, helping me address all the issues with home care, and ultimately, recommending the best care facility in the area for my wife. Additionally, Staci has been instrumental is helping me work through the myriad of complexities from the financial and administrative end. They’ve been a tremendous help to me, and to my wife.

– Joe

Worked mostly with Rhonda & Sarah & they both have been very helpful everytime I call. Marissa was very helpful with setting up my mother’s trust. Thank you everyone.

– Rod & Kim

Marissa, your help in structuring everything for dad’s care through the years has been spectacular. The appeals case that you managed and the reinstatement of the waiver program for dad is truly appreciated every day.

– Client

Kreisher Marshall & Associates has provided my family with brilliant elder law advice and legal work. When it became necessary for me to start taking care of an elderly parent, the documents they had prepared and their guidance have saved me countless hours of work and provided an immeasurable reduction in stress. Their work is efficient, accurate, and thorough, and I highly recommend KMAs elder law services.

– John

Marissa has been a God-send for our family. When our mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we didn’t have a clue on how to get help or protect our parents assets. Not only has she saved us many thousands of dollars in care expenses, while also protecting all assets, but she is always readily available when we have a question or need more help. Cannot recommend enough.

– Marc

Marianne helped my family when we needed it most. When my father was burning through money at a nursing home, she helped him to get the assistance he desperately needed. That was three (3) years ago. She still helps us today when there is a question or form to be submitted. I have recommended Marianne to friends and family.

– Rick

Marianne has represented me in dealing with both of my parents who were required to be placed in the care of a Nursing Home. It was a very long and complicated process, but she and her staff have helped me through the entire process and saved my family a very substantial amount of money. When my father passed away, she also helped with tax issues and the settlement of his estate. I would recommend Marianne to anyone for a wide variety of elder law or estate legal issues.

– Brian

Marissa and Elaine, thank you so much for not only helping but thank you for caring about us and treating me like friend. This would have been impossible without you.

– Joe

My wife scheduled a consultation with Marissa to review our estate documents. I was skeptical about this as we are both young so I didn’t think we needed to meet with an Elder law attorney. After our consultation I couldn’t thank Marissa enough! There were things we didn’t even know we needed to consider for our future and never would have thought of had we not discussed them with Marissa. She was thorough in reviewing the documents we had and answered all of our questions. I highly recommend Marissa when it comes to reviewing the essential documents for your future.

– Benjamin