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Fun Rainy Day Activities for Columbia County Kids

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2015 | Fun and Interesting

Columbia County Lawyers

Columbia County, Pennsylvania gets its fair share of rain – but a rainy day doesn’t have to mean an end to summer fun. The next time the rain pours down, break out this list of fun rainy-day activities to enjoy your time indoors with the kids you love.

Create an Indoor Treasure Hunt

Write a series of clues and hide them to send kids on an indoor treasure hunt. Clues can be tailored to the age of each participant – if you have both older and younger kids in the house, put the older ones in charge of setting up the treasure hunt for the younger. When kids solve the clues, they find the “treasure” – treats, a small toy, or a cache of coins.

Make Your Own Digital Comic Strip

Kids can create their own “comic strips” by creating a storyline, taking photos of their favorite toys acting out each scene, and then putting them together with captions on the computer. All it takes is a digital camera and a basic photo/text editor like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Have a Board Game Tournament

Break out the board and card games, and have a family board game day. Serve favorite snacks and drinks. You might even set aside a small prize for the family member who can rack up the most board game “wins” in one day – perhaps an IOU for a movie or a favorite dessert.

Make Winter Holiday Treats

If you have a particularly chilly rainy day on your hands, baking winter holiday treats can take the chill out of the air while creating a novel break for your kids. The fun of making and decorating foods your family ordinarily only get in the winter can help “perk up” even the dreariest rainy day.

Off to the (Clean Up) Races

At the end of a day of indoor fun, challenge kids and adults alike to clean up work and play areas as fast as possible. The winning team gets a small prize, like being allowed to choose the evening’s movie.

The experienced Bloomsburg family law attorneys at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC wish everyone in Pennsylvania a safe, fun, and happy summer.