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After the death of a spouse, parent, sibling or another loved one comes a great deal of emotional trauma. Handling the confusing, complicated steps of estate administration and probate can seem like too much to cope with at such a time.

You deserve representation from a caring estate administration and probate attorney. The knowledgeable estate and probate lawyers at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, have over 140 years of combined experience handling estates for the people of Bloomsburg and Columbia County.

What Executors Should Know About Estate Administration

The decedent may name an executor in their will, or, if not, the court can appoint one. An executor has the responsibility of managing the administration of an estate. The administration of even a small estate takes a substantial commitment and has complex duties. Executors who do not perform them correctly face liability risks. An executor’s duties may include:

  • Gather documents
  • Find an estate administration and probate attorney
  • File a petition for probate
  • Notify beneficiaries
  • Inventory and value property and assets
  • Distribute assets
  • Pay outstanding debts and taxes
  • File a final report and close estate

Most estate administrations take one year. Executors may receive compensation for some of their duties. An experienced estate attorney can make sure that this difficult task runs smoothly and help you avoid common mistakes.

What Is Probate?

Probate refers to the legal process by which the court validates a will and transfers the assets of an estate to beneficiaries. There are times in Pennsylvania when the formal probate process is not necessary. In those instances, whoever is left in charge still has to pay debts, file tax returns and distribute the property correctly.

Seek Guidance From A Team You Can Trust

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