A Law Firm Connected To The Community It Serves

The attorneys at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, have been serving Pennsylvania clients for more than four decades. But our connection to the local community is even stronger than that. We can trace our roots in Columbia County back more than 140 years. Our clients are often friends and neighbors, and we are proud be a part of the local history as well as the current community.

With four attorneys and nine dedicated staff members, we are well equipped to address most legal matters our clients may be facing, and to provide guidance on personal challenges related to them.

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Strengthening Our Legal Focus

As one of the largest firms in the area, we have traditionally offered a wide variety of legal practice areas. In late 2018, we made the strategic decision to narrow our focus to several key offerings, including elder law, estate planning and administration, and real estate law. This change will allow us to more fully hone our skills in these areas and to better serve and represent our clients as a result.

A Commitment To Client Relationships

The nature of legal work is often transactional. Sometimes, this approach is appropriate. But we believe that both clients and attorneys benefit from forming long-term partnerships. Our firm is committed to serving your needs now and in the future, and that requires getting to know you and earning your trust. This is just one of the many advantages you’ll experience when you hire us to represent you.

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Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, is based in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and serves clients throughout the area. To discuss your legal needs with one of our skilled and attentive lawyers, call us at 570-798-1084 or send us an email.