Experienced Real Estate Attorneys In Columbia County

Your family has decided to take the plunge. After years of saving, investigating and researching, you’ve finally decided that this is the year you’ll finally buy that home or commercial property. It’s an exciting prospect! Owning your own home or business location can be an incredibly challenging, but fulfilling experience. But in order to successfully close on your new property, settle any potential disputes over a current deal, or even sell your current residence, you’ll need some help. Having a dedicated real estate attorney at your side, offering experienced advice can go a long way in making the process a smooth one.

For decades, the attorneys at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, have assisted residents throughout Columbia and Montour Counties purchase the home of their dreams, establish a suitable space for their new business or put their land up for sale. From negotiations to inspections, our firm is dedicated to providing clear and effective counsel when it comes to new or old real estate ventures. Our goal is make the process as easy as possible on you and your family, which means we’ve got your covered from the day you decide to buy to the moment you close. Depending on your particular situation we can assist by:

  • Reviewing, drafting and potentially negotiating any and all sales contracts
  • Working with inspectors on any potential problems that may arise
  • Providing assistance and counsel for any financial needs
  • Offering title examinations and settlement sheet
  • Pursuing any breach of contract

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 570-798-1084 and speak with one our representatives.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

Without question, you need an attorney. While there are some major purchases or sales in life that you can afford to tackle without legal representation, real estate is not one of them. In the past, it may have been as easy as a handshake and an individual’s word, but today’s market is a complex one, full of regulations, stipulations and all kinds of loopholes that can quickly trip up even the smartest people. To avoid any potential complications with your new home or business, you need a representative that is in your corner no matter what. Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC is committed to helping you explore your legal options fully and determine the best course of action. We highly recommend contacting our office before starting or finalizing any prospective investment.

What If I’ve Already Signed a Contract?

Unfortunately, in the state of Pennsylvania, once you’ve signed on the bottom line you are generally held to whatever the specifics are in the contract in question. But, you still have options. You’ll need to speak with a qualified real estate attorney to figure out exactly what can be done. Don’t wait until it is too late – call the Law Offices of Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, today and schedule a case consultation with a member of our legal team. Contact us at 570-798-1084.


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