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Proactive planning is the best way to ensure that you can afford home care or a nursing home by the time you need it. At Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC, we want to help you.

Since 1971, the firm has served the people of Bloomsburg and Columbia County by providing honorable, reliable legal services. Our board-certified attorneys, Marianne E. Kreisher and Marissa B. Marshall have devoted their careers solely to elder law. They care deeply about helping the community’s senior citizens and their loved ones.

The Importance Of Having A Plan

Long-term elder care is very expensive. If you wish to qualify for Medicaid, you need to start managing your assets today. If you give away or spend down assets within the five-year Medicaid Look-Back Period, you will not qualify – you may also incur penalties. The sooner you begin planning for home care, assisted living or a nursing home, the better. It gives you more power to manage your finances, protect your assets and set up the future you imagine for your golden years.

Why Work With A Board-Certified Expert?

Both of our lawyers are board-certified in elder law – only about 60 attorneys in all of Pennsylvania hold this accreditation. It is a testament to their advanced training and their commitment to helping senior citizens across the state. We can connect you to private and public resources that you might not otherwise find. Having worked with thousands of senior citizens and their loved ones, we know how to create the plan that best fits your short-term and long-term needs.

Do Not Wait – Speak With Our Elder Care Planning Lawyers

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