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What Are the Hot Topics in Elder Law?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Elder Law

Baby Boomers are getting older. Millions of people become seniors each year. More and more lawyers are focusing on elder law to represent this huge population. Elder law attorneys focus on serving the unique needs of older individuals, involving situations like estate planning, asset preservation, or navigating the complex bureaucracy surrounding Medicare, Social Security, and other benefits.

In this fast-growing and fast-changing field, experienced Pennsylvania elder law attorneys must stay on top of hot topics and emerging trends, as well as honing their skills in established areas. Some of the biggest emerging issues in elder law include:

  • Estate planning, including annuities and updating trusts. Although many elderly individuals have estate plans, fewer have updated these plans as their families have grown up, living situations change, and retirement affects how their assets and income flow. Elder law attorneys have begun focusing on annuities, trust updates, and similar estate planning issues as a result.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. These essential programs help elderly individuals maintain a basic standard of living, including necessary medical care, after retirement age. Elder law attorneys often strive to stay on top of emerging issues in these fields in order to better serve their clients.
  • Elder financial abuse. Abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly individuals has been on the rise. Financial abuse is one area that elderly people are injured that isn’t as well-known. Elder law attorneys work to understand the many tricks of financial abuse and find ways to prevent them before they begin – or to stop them if they have started.

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