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The Different Types of Senior Living

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2018 | Seniors


One of the most difficult decisions that family members have to make is when to move an elderly relative into a nursing home. Making it even more complicated, there are different places where your loved one could reside. Understanding all the differences and which one is best for your relative can be overwhelming.

These matters become critically important when you consider the prevalence of senior neglect. That’s why consulting with a caring and knowledgeable Columbia County certified elder law attorney can be an important part of the end-of-life process for you and your elderly relatives.

Types of Senior Living

Let’s take a look at the various residential options available for seniors. One of the most popular choices is to have a TRAINED NURSING AIDE stay in your relative’s home. This can be on a part- or full-time basis depending on the medical and emotional needs of the person being cared for. There are many reputable companies that provide home healthcare workers. Of course, you should definitely do your homework on each one before making a selection.

Another common choice is a PERSONAL CARE HOME. This is where residents have their own private apartments within a larger facility. They will share meals and participate in group activities, as well as have 24-hour on-call assistance. Residents are generally provided with a considerably higher quality of life than in a traditional nursing home.

Growing in popularity, ADULT FOSTER CARE is a situation in which one or more elderly residents will receive personal care while living in a private residence. This offers seniors a more family-oriented solution and a greater degree of personal attention.

Ask Questions First

Of course, when making this decision, you’ll need to consider a number of factors. First of all, assuming that your elderly relative has the mental faculty, you should speak directly with your relative and find out what his or her preference is. If possible, visit the different facilities and talk with residents and family members who have familiarity with them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The sad truth is, elder neglect is a huge problem in this country. We have seen firsthand the heartbreak that a poorly-run facility or negligent healthcare worker can cause. Do yourself a favor and take every possible precaution to protect your relatives from harm.

The dedicated team of attorneys at Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC can help provide your family with security and peace of mind, or rectify a wrong when necessary. We have dedicated our careers to helping families. Call (570) 784-5211 today for a free consultation.