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Why Should You Choose a Life Care Planning Law Firm?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Firm News

Individuals and the families of those diagnosed with long-term illness or disability have several important things in common, they have care needs and care costs money. The client’s personal needs, difficulty finding and coordinating qualified care and the high cost of the services, create personal, legal and financial challenges that can be devastating if not handled correctly. Working with a Life Care Planning Law Firm who has elder care coordinators (ECCs), certified medicaid planners (CMPs) and certified elder law attorneys(CELAs) can make a real difference for the entire family by saving time, money, heartache, and providing peace of mind.
Elder Care Coordinators 
ECCs have a background in social work, nursing, case management or geriatrics. When you are a caregiver dealing with a family member’s decline in their health, you are looking for support and advice. If you do not have someone to guide and support you, you could spend countless hours researching and looking for help. So many clients will say they never knew that Elder Care Coordinators even existed and after working with KMA will say we don’t know what we would have done without you.
Certified Medicaid Planners
CMPs have demonstrated their proficiency in navigating the complicated maze of public benefits. Medicaid planning is a complex subject. Most people have to face the difficulties of paying for long-term care and the complexities of the Medicaid system at the same time they are also having to deal with a difficult personal health crisis. Failing to plan properly can result in financial devastation. Without effective planning, a patient or a family will end up paying more for long-term care than the law requires. This is especially important when the health crisis of a spouse unnecessarily drains resources that can be preserved for the healthy spouse.
Certified Elder Law Attorneys
CELAs have proven their expertise in handling elder law issues and have been coined the “gold standard” for elder law and special needs practitioners. To become certified, an attorney must dedicate at least five years to the primary practice of elder law, handle at least 60 different elder law matters, participate in continuing legal education above and beyond that which is required by general practitioners and successfully pass a written test, which has a current pass rate of slightly over 30%. Currently, there are only 65 CELAs in Pennsylvania.
A Multi-Disciplinary Team For You
The law offices of Kreisher Marshall & Associates, LLC has assembled a team of highly experienced, qualified individuals to provide support and guidance to our clients and their families. At no other law firm in the area will you find2 elder care coordinators, 3 certified Medicaid planners and 2 certified elder law attorneys all working for you and your family. In fact, KMA has the only two certified elder law attorneys in Columbia and Montour counties and is the only Life Care Planning Law Firm within a 60 mile radius. Whether you are making your first call to KMA and speaking with our friendly receptionist, or you have been a part of the Life Care Planning Program for the past five years, KMAs staff of legal assistants, ECCs, and CMPs work alongside the attorneys to provide:
  • Freedom from the burden of caregiving and the anxiety about paying for care
  • Guidance with every legal, health care and long term care decision
  • Confidence that comes from having a plan for ongoing care as the condition progresses; and
  • Relief that you have an advocate on your side
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